Prepare for the Unexpected

Welcome to ACE Fire Preparedness

Our mission is to educate and provide a layer of protection tools for the home owner in fire prone areas to be prepared in the event the fire is approaching your home.

There are 3000 Fire Men to serve 4 million people in Los Angeles. Three shifts with 1000 Fire Team members to serve Los Angeles? They need your help. We can help the fire department by being prepared. It’s a new world, if we aren’t growing, we are dying! Let’s be bold and think outside the box. Be responsible to save your lives and homes. Step up!

Introducing the first ever Fire Hydrant Fire Hose Connector Kit to store on your porch“.

It its flight or fight…what are you gonna do?

November 8th 2018 at 2pm “The Woolsey Fire” impacted the lives of thousands of people.

Thursday November 8, 2019 was a busy day in California. Just before midnight the night before there was a mass shooting incident leaving 12 dead at a bar in Thousand Oaks, just west of where the fire was hours later. The Camp Fire started early Thursday morning wiping out much of Paradise in northern California before noon. Then the Hill Fire started at about 1 p.m. south of Thousand Oaks about 13 miles southwest of where the Woolsey Fire started an hour later. The Hill Fire eventually burned over 4,500 acres and required the evacuation of 17,000 residents. While firefighters were still initially responding to the Hill Fire the Woolsey Fire ignited at about 2 p.m. Strike teams of engines and crews were already in route to northern California, so right away there was competition for firefighting resources with three major fires burning simultaneously in the state.

The Woolsey Fire started in Ventura County but spread into Los Angeles County. Very large portions of the blaze were in both counties, testing the capabilities of LA City, LA County, and the Ventura County Fire Department. The report states that even though the three organizations “regularly plan for and practice their response to a large fire in the region, they could not have planned for a complete exhaustion of California’s limited firefighting resources brought on by a regional wildfire weather threat in conjunction with the Camp Fire, a mass casualty shooting in Ventura County, and the Ventura County Hill Fire, which began just before the Woolsey Fire started.”

With large numbers of firefighting resources committed to the three major fires, and with the dry, windy weather continuing, many agencies had to think hard about continuing to send more and more firefighters to the Hill and Woolsey Fires in case more incidents broke out. Approximately half the resource orders for the Woolsey Fire were UTF, Unable to Fill.

An Expert Manufacturer, designer, with heart!

Sherwin Ace Ross is a volunteer on the Tony Robbins crew serving on the “Fire-Team”. My experiences traveling around the word to make a difference in others lives is significant. “Our work changes lives!”

Sherwin has decades of experience designing and manufacturing men, woman’s and children’s apparel and accessories with global resources. He is grateful to serve in the Fire Preparedness space offering outstanding products never offered to the home owner.

Retraining the thought process for someone to feel comfortable hooking up to a fire hydrant is the challenge. The Fire Hydrant will save your home, help the fire department, offers 100 PSI of water pressure to flow safely through ACE Fire Hoses 250 PSI. The Fire Hydrant 3 inch out valve is not used by the Fire Department. The FD uses the 5″ outlet.

We train the homeowner how to add an invaluable layer of fire preparedness that has NEVER been explored.  

In the event of an unexpected fire or earthquake are you prepared? 

It’s-either fight or flight. If you are a smart homeowner, who lives in a fire corridor, who sleeps restlessly during the Santa Anna Winds fire season you may find what I will teach you invaluable. 

My exclusive never offered before ACE FHC kit offers a defense approach to protect your home and property. 

Ross states, the fire hydrant is available to you to use to defend your home not just for your dog to peepee! I am grateful to have the know with all to manufacture and offer this FHC KIT at an outstanding affordable price point. My instruction videos will give you the certainty needed to defend your property. The task at hand is fighting the embers not watering down your roof. Roofs are fire resistant! In 90-degree heat with 60 mile an hour winds the water evaporates almost immediately. Do not waist your energy, water recourses. water pressure or time. Fight the embers!

If you choose to stay and defend, please, if the fire gets in the house….LEAVE!

The experience during the Woolsey Fire opened the opportunity to serve the community I live in. I joined the Los Angeles Fire Departments “CERT” Community Emergency Response Team.

Prepare for the unexpected.

The CERT training by Los Angeles Fire Department taught us that people are just not prepared for an emergency.
When your why is stronger than, you find a way. The steps you take today can save your home and property.

Ask a quality question, you get a quality answer.

Did you know you are allowed to use the fire hydrant in the event of a fire or earthquake?


If the last year taught us anything, we’ve renewed our focus on disaster preparedness, in particular, ensuring be prepared for unexpected fire and earthquake in the face of sudden, unplanned disruptions. 

Unfortunately, a global health menace represents just one un-expected hazard to our daily operations and stability. Statistically, there are many far more common causes of potential downtime that can disrupt our lives.

  • Natural disasters, often seasonal forces of nature that pose a significant threat to property, human safety or critical infrastructure, such hurricanes, tornadoes, winter storms, flooding, wildfires and earthquakes.
  • Utility failures, which include electricity or power failure, loss of internet/telecommunication lines, and other utilities.
  • User error, such as falling for cyberattacks, phishing and other social engineering schemes, practicing poor password hygiene, and the mishandling and/or errant sending of sensitive data.
  • Malicious users, disgruntled neighbors, current and former employees with an axe to grind.

Knowing and planning for these varied continuity threats will bring you certainty that you can take action in the event of a unexpected event.

Planning as Prevention
No matter the cause of an unplanned interruption, one of the most effective methods of bouncing back is preparing and following a well-conceived, oft-reviewed fire preparedness and prevention plan. I am offering you an added layer of protection by providing “The ACE FHC Kit”. This is everything you need to connect to the fire hydrant closest to your property. Any intelligent home owner will have the ACE Fire Hydrant Connector Kit in the porch.

Tailored Planning is Ideal
Since no two homeowners’ needs or situation are exactly alike, organizing community meetings with continuity planning requires a customized approach:

  • The most likely current and future threats to your home and property.
  • The process, technologies and tools needed to protect the front and back of your home simultaneously.
  • Steps and processes to assure that your current equipment remains operational and usable, while minimizing human and local factors that might impact continuity.

Ready to rethink or refresh your communities fire prevention and readiness plan? You are in the right place now.

I am training and providing everything you need to defend your home in the event of fire approaching.

Yours in deep thanks and gratitude, Sherwin Ace Ross CEO Ace Fire Preparedness and Prevention.

There are only 2 choices while waiting for the fire department to show.

What would you do?


2DEFEND your home and property

Would you feel confident while waiting for the fire department knowing that you are ready to take action? Are you the believer that will step up to help the Fire Department? With the proper tools stored properly on your porch, training and the correct mindset, you are in a peak state and prepared to attack the embers, fight the fire with certainty.

You drive where you focus.

You are permitted to use a fire hydrant, a pool pump to battle the task at hand in the event of fire approaching you. The task at hand is to fight the embers that are approaching.

It is our outcome and mission to serve the community in creating awareness for fire preparedness and fire prevention. “An Ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure”. Ben Franklin
It is our mission to provide you with video training and the tools needed serve you better than anyone can.

What do I need to be prepared?

Introducing the first ever of this kind to promote Fire Prevention at another level. 


“The ACE Fire Hose / Fire Hydrant Connector Kit”.
Included in the kit are:

1 – 75 ft. by 1 – 1/2- inch single jacked rubber lined certified fire hose.

2 – nozzles

1 – Valve to connect to the hydrant or pump

1 – wrench to turn the hydrant on.

1 – pair of work gloves

ACE Fire, Ace Ross Studios, American Clothing Enterprises has created and manufactured the tools you will need to connect to a pool pump or fire hydrant.

Here on this site, video tutorials (In production) will explain and train you.

In Biblical terms, fire reveals the power of God in a number ways. However, it frequently appears in the Bible as a symbol of God’s anger and judgement and destruction. The dream of fire generally has impact on the dreamer as it consumes, warn, and illuminates, but can also bring pain and death.

“In the event of a fire, I choose to be prepared, I choose to do my part.” Sherwin Ace Ross

This video was taken on November 9, 2018. We were surrounded by fire. At 12:00 midnight the winds abruptly halted. Everything got quite. This was a Devine intervention. We were ready to evacuate and were not prepared. Yaniv Shlomo owns two 300-gallon water tanks, bless this mas heart. Yaniv and Sherwin stayed out till 5:00 am putting out hot spots that could have re-ignited and taken out our homes.

Surrounded by fire, we were not prepared.

My promise is to deliver an outstanding product at the very best price possible. This “kit” is a must for every home that is is in a fire zone. End of Story.

ACE Fire Hoses (1) are single jacket polyester with a rubber lining. The couplets are NST (National Standard Thread). They are tested and certified.

For more information please call Sherwin Ace Ross 213/ 884-8448

It is my honor to serve you better than anyone can!